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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Don't Be A Dhimmi! No Surrender!

I had a bad feeling on Friday afternoon, after reading an IDF twitter post on Facebook. Usually, these posts include the kind of sanitized, politically correct, “please love me” messages that explain how Israel endangers its own soldiers to preserve “civilian” life. On other occasions these posts actually include military information that we want to read about, such as the number of terrorists killed, or large arms caches that have been captured. This particular post featured a graphic which indicated that (so far) Israel has discovered 30 tunnels, destroyed 30-40% of the rockets, and killed over 240 terrorists. By itself, this was good information. What set my alarm off was what was written beneath the graphic. The following message:

Earlier this month, we began a mission to weaken Hamas terrorists in Gaza. We are succeeding.
Warning bells went off. A foreshadowing that Netanyahu may finally be cracking under relentless pressure from Obama and Kerry. A post like this has sort of a wrapping up quality to it. Like an Operation Protective Edge debriefing for the world. “Earlier this month....”
As soon as Shabbat was over, I immediately checked the news and was glad to read that the entire Israeli Cabinet rejected the most recent attempt to force a ceasefire on us. Baruch Hashem that there is still some sanity among us. Of course I was immediately dismayed to read that Netanyahu is considering a 12 hour humanitarian ceasefire, at the behest of the U.N.
Perhaps 12 hours is enough time for the U.N. to help Hamas replenish their stock?
First of all, I want to express my gratitude to the soldiers of the IDF for their tremendous self-sacrifice against these barbarians. None of what I write is a criticism of their noble heroic work. The true non-politically motivated military leadership would like nothing better than to finally take off the gloves and go old school on Hamas.
Certain politicians are another thing altogether. To be sure there are the Feiglin's and Bennett's, (just to name a few) who are calling for even harsher measures against Hamas. They should be applauded. But Netanyahu's cronies are another thing altogether.
  • They are denying our troops the kind of cover they need, out of fear of harming the citizens who voted for Hamas. How many of our murdered soldiers would still be alive had they been given full protection?
  • The government has no ultimate objective. Netanyahu has no intention of liberating Gaza and returning the Jewish people to their communities. This would be the logical step to finally gain control of the region. But under the current leadership, the goal is simply to weaken Hamas, without specifying what constitutes weakening. They have done this before. And each successive time Hamas returns stronger. They are a much more formidable force than they were during Operation Cast Lead.
Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. Remember that Netanyahu was reticent about sending in the ground troops in the first place. Hamas forced his hand. Which means that had things gone as he'd hoped, the entire network of underground tunnels in Gaza would still remain intact.
Ceasefire. What does the word mean for Israel? One sided lulls in fighting for Hamas to re-arm and reassemble. A time for Hamas to recruit more terrorists and commit more acts of terror throughout Israel. Perhaps more kidnappings. The fact that Hamas is pushing for a temporary ceasefire shows that they are beginning to hemorrhage. Now is the time to drive forward like a boxer ready to deliver the KO. A ceasefire means that instead of dealing Hamas the well deserved death blow, this will become just another mini-war in a series of wars.
Hamas is using a war tactic that originated in early Islam. In Islam, there is no such thing as peace with accursed dhimmis, as the Muslims refer to us infidels. Historically, when times were good, the dhimmi had the right of a mistreated dog or donkey. When times were rough (and they often were), Islamic barbarity equaled anything we Jews experienced under christendom. The notion of making peace with the dhimmi is anathema to Islam.
The hudna, or “ceasefire,” is an Islamic strategy that has nothing to do with peace. It originated with the infamous Treaty of Hudaybiyya in 628, when Muhammad signed a ten year “truce” with the Quraysh tribe who controlled Mecca. (Despite those who falsely assert that it was the Quraysh who abrogated the treaty, a diligent analysis of the facts shows that it was Muhammed who actually broke the treaty. I refer the reader to Robert Spencer's The Truth about Muhammad (pg. 136-39*)) From its inception, Islam was nursed on blood and war. Hudna was the calculating tactic Muhammad utilized when he felt it was efficacious. It was self-serving and duplicitous. As soon as he felt strong enough, the hudna was over. Bloody Islam 101. History is replete with such examples of Islam's warped notion of peace. Peace for me, pieces of bodies for thee.
Yasir Arafat (may his name and memory be blotted out) actually cited this historical precedent ad nauseum after signing the Oslo Accords, in order to show that his tactic was completely in line with Islam. We have all seen videos of Arafat, post-Oslo mind you, praising the moral defectives he called shaheeds (martyrs) and calling for continued jihad against Israel. This is the reason he was never assassinated. Even his detractors understood his tactic. Tactically, Hamas may have disagreed, but they understood that their ultimate goals were the same.
Our soldiers don't need to read this perpetual garbage about theoretical ceasefires which benefit no one but Hamas and those who hate Israel. It's a dangerous distraction. Obama and Kerry's insistence on a ceasefire that only strengthens Hamas and endangers Israel shows with whom they are alligned. It is not hard to imagine this, when you consider the measures Obama is currently taking to destroy the U.S.
Our young Jewish soldiers, in the prime of their lives, were murdered by Hamas. Don't allow their deaths to have been in vain. The nation of Israel supports this war overwhelmingly. We see unprecedented unity and goodwill across the political and ideological divide. Of course we do. The entire country is under attack, and the people appreciate the efforts of the army. Netanyahu has public support to do whatever is necessary to bring security to Israel. His failure to do so, in opposition to the national will, will come at a serious cost to his political support. This is the most critical point that Netanyahu should recognize. The masses will be furious. He will lose all credibility.
By the IDF's own estimates, 60-70% of rockets remain. This is unacceptable by any measure. There could be miles of hidden tunnels that haven't even been identified. And while we certainly celebrate 240 dead terrorists, it isn't nearly enough. One Hamas beast with a pulse is one too many. They cannot prematurely terminate this mission and sell it as a victory to the nation.
Netanyahu dare not behave like a degraded dhimmi, or a dummy in this critical hour. No ceasefires of any kind! You don't cease firing at Hamas until they're all dead. The nation is sick and tired of dying and living with terror. Destroy Hamas and send them back to the Stone Age.
And then crush Fatah.
Shavuah Tov.
*Spencer, Robert. (2006) The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World's Most Intolerant Religion. Washington, DC: Regnery Publishing. pp. 136-139.

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