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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Time To Scream

In 1995, a fine text on the principles of combatting terrorist groups was published, entitled Fighting Terrorism. Not a perfect work, mind you. The author was reticent to get at the politically incorrect root of Islam, and frequently used such parve phrases like “militant Islam”; but despite certain faults, the book was excellent. It was such a sound read that, after 9/11, they came out with a revised edition with a new introduction.

The author was a bonafide expert on the subject, having served in the Israeli special forces as a soldier, authored a previous work on combatting terror, and had the distinction of being one of the founders of an anti-terror institute. The following statement from Fighting Terrorism addresses Israel's withdrawal from Gaza in 1994, and subsequent arming of the PLO:

If one needs a textbook case on how not to fight terrorism, Gaza is it. For if hitherto Israel had shown the world how terrorism could be fought, now it showed how terrorism could be facilitated. From 1993 on, the Israeli government committed many of the same mistakes that a state could committ in the war against terror. It's most fundamental mistake, of course, was to capitulate to the terrorists' political demands.” (Page 110)

Clearly written by a man who understands the mindset of terrorists. Who wrote this wonderful text? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Therein lies the problem.

I don't like to bash Netanyahu. I attack his policies, not the man. Bibi is not like Obama who deserves all the defamation (and more) that we send his way. Obama is a reprehensible anti-semite. I don't doubt for a moment Bibi's committment to the Jewish people and Israel. Certainly, there is much to respect from his early career. But that is where it ends. Love and commitment are insufficient when the dagger is at our throat. (And with ISIS on the horizon, it will be the Arabian scimitar!) Certainly not while occupying the office of the Prime Minister of Israel, whose primary responsibility is to protect Israel.

Netanyahu fought the PLO as an elite soldier, and lost his legendary older brother Yonatan (May G-d avenge his blood!) to the PLO, while acting as commander during Operation Entebbe in 1976. Netanyahu understands terrorism. He knows all about Hamas and their intentions. So giving them a breath of life is insane. Agreeing to any ceasefire, real or otherwise, is riduculous. You destroy nazis today so that you won't have to fight them tommorow. It's not like Israel doesn't have a mess on her hands anyway. We have to start taking these terror networks out today, one by one, because things will get worse.

Netanyahu's Blunder
Since taking office (the first time around) Netanyahu rejected the philosophical principles of his beloved Likud, and abrogated virtually every one of the “don'ts” one must avoid when combatting terror. These sensible, obvious, “don'ts” resonate throughout his written work, and most of his public discourses (when not in office):

Several Examples From Bibi's “Don't List”

  • Don't defer the mission of combatting terrorism to some other group. Certainly not to some other terrorist group!
  • Don't release jailed terrorists who inevitably return to murder and terrorise Jews.
  • Don't prevent the security forces from destroying terrorists, by restricting their ability to deal harsh blows.
  • Don't arm terrorists!
Throughout his tenure as Prime Minister, Bibi has repeatedly abrogated every one of his rules.
In 1996, Netanyahu became Prime Minister for his first term. Instead of ending the illegal, treasonous Oslo Accords, he shook Yaser Arafat's hand and handed the holy city of Hebron to the PLO. Netanyahu knew it to be national suicide. He has consistently noted in his written works that Arafat was the epitomy of evil, and that the Oslo Accords were part of the PLO's stated phased plan to destroy Israel.

Since 2009, his leadership has been just as egregious. Here are some prominent examples:
  • His infamous Bar Ilan speech gave full credence to the mythos of a palestinian people, and lent support to the creation of an unarmed palestinian state. (They were already armed!)
  • Halting construction (“freezing”, if you will) in the liberated Judea and Samaria for a year.
  • Freeing untold numbers of Arab murderers, many of whom returned to murder more Jews.
  • Arming Abbas and his PLO henchmen.
  • The Mavi Marmara Flotilla Fiasco: A hair-brained PG-13 scheme to take over a terror boat with paintball guns, which exposed Israel's elite soldiers to a near lynching. The boat should have been blown out of the water. It was only a miracle that the soldiers weren't slaughtered.
  • Netanyahu's subsequent apology to Turkey's rabid Recep Erdogan made Israel look weak in the eyes of the Arab/Islamic world.
  • Operation Protective Edge
I have already presented my assessment of Operation Protective Edge and I will not belabor the point. It was a disaster. Netanyahu prematurely pulled the IDF out of Gaza, giving Hamas a victory and the ability to resume firing rockets at us, which they have done for several days now. Hamas is mocking the State of Israel, the IDF, and by association, the G-d of Israel Himself.

I condemn Bibi for his mishandling of the war because Am Yiroel and Eretz Yisroel are in danger. To shirk my duty is to sit silently while Jews bleed to death. I don't like to do it. I would love to see the intelligent, articulate Netanyahu standing up and silencing the Jew haters of the world, with a message that will send shivers up our spines. I want to see the fearless combat soldier who risked his life to fight the Arabs. Hell, I want to see the Benjamin Netanyahu who dissects the enemies of Israel with such eloquent clarity and precision on “The Sean Hannity Show”, when he's not in office.

In the meantime, Hamas is firing rockets again. The ones who suffer most are the ones who've lived with this nightmare of a PLO-Hamas armed Gaza on their doorstep for 14 years. Fourteen years? The normal mind would crack in four weeks. How long would the merkaz put up with this, before there were riots in the streets?

Who is wise, he who can see the future” (Pirkei Avot-Ethics of the Forefathers).
  • ISIS is heading our way. Barbarians from the darkest period of history. Crucifying people. Mass burnings. They are actually beheading children!
  • We are sorrounded by Arab/Islamic enemies. There are no friends or moderates in our neighborhood and the sham peace treaties belong in the trashcan; there is only self-interest. Jordan and Egypt would war with us tommorow if they weren't drowning in their own problems. Listen to the “King” of occupied Jordan. He can barely contain his jew-hatred as he spits his bile at Israel. He is cut from the same cloth as his father who, before being rehabiliarted as a “moderate,” once called upon the Arab world to "kill Jews wherever you find them; kill them with your hands, with your nails and teeth."
  • The Israeli-Arab fifth column is a demographic nightmare and an impending internal intifada that threatens to blow up at any moment. Reportedly, ISIS flags have already been seen in “Israeli Arab” villages up north.
  • Hezbollah is waiting in the north, Fatah terrorises the center, and Hamas occupies our southern coastline with the ability to fire rockets at 70% of the country.
Islam sorrounds us. Those with strong stomaches (other than pregnant woman and children) should force themselves to look at the recent horrific pictures of beheaded children, courtesy of the ISIS butchers that are inching towards us. Any Jew who thinks that the modern day ranks of Amalek are not found within ISIS, Fatah, Hamas, and Hezbollah isn't paying attention. They epitomize evil. And they are waiting for the day when they can swarm into Israel with their swords and behead Jewish children (G-d help us!).

If Netanyahu won't destroy Hamas, in defiance of an evil world that equates our self defense (weak as it is) as an act of genocide, then he must step aside. Because we are fighting those who wage war under the banner of Amalek. It has nothing to do with zionism. They want to exterminate Jews. And Heaven Forbid they will do so, when they are strong enough.

There is a time for peace (halachic peace) and a time for war. And a time to scream.

A season for everything. Now is the time to scream.

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