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Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Looming Bedouin Intifada

On July 7, 2014, the residents of the Negev town of Omer learned a painful lesson on the subject of abnormal Bedouin psychology. They witnessed the true nature of these purported “noble denizens of the desert” when an estimated 150-200 enraged Bedouins descended upon the town. They certainly weren't there to sell cheap fabric and carpets. They hurled rocks and molotov cocktail bombs at cars. A local district judge discovered the power of these explosive cocktails, when one of these incendiaries blew up his car. (Note: When the media uses the term “molotov cocktails” it sounds like a mixed drink. Molotov cocktails are bombs!)

Earlier attempts to reach the police were unsuccessful. And so, a preventable Arab riot occurred, because no one in the precinct picked up the phone. Now Omer isn't Tel Aviv or even Beersheba. There were no other emergencies. The only emergency was the impending bedouin riot that could and should have been prevented!

On this occasion, the riot received coverage. The July 8th issue of The Jerusalem Post featured an article, “Beduin attack in Negev town shocks residents,” which reported on this latest Bedouin riot. I found the headline a bit histrionic. Shocked? To quote the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, who understood Arabs more than any tenured leftist professor at Ben Gurion University; “I'm always shocked when people are shocked.” This is nothing new. Naive liberals take years to see what intelligent, self-respecting, people already know. The Bedouins hate Israel and view us as thieves.

Not surprisingly, Omer's clueless mayor, Pini Badash, expressed shock when he was interviewed by The Jerusalem Post:

We sought coexistence with the Bedouin and now it blew up in our face.”

Strangely enough, Bedash admitted that Hamas and the Islamic Movement were behind the attack and that their influence on the Bedouins was growing. An anonymous Omer security official concurred. So why was he shocked?

In 1981, Rabbi Meir Kahane was sitting in Ramle Prison under the immoral orders of the infamous Administrative Detention Order, used by the British to break the spirits of Jewish heroes. He took advantage of the situation and authored his critical work, They Must Go! which documents the Arab demographic threat to Israel. In the preface, (pg. 1-2) he noted the following, which speaks volumes about Israel's judicial system:

On my right was a Bedouin Arab, imprisoned for the rape and murder of a Jewish girl in the Negev area of the country.The possibility of his having been apprehended would have been slim if not for the fact that he added greed to his original sin. Having buried the body in a well, he applied for the reward by contacting the police to say that he had “discovered” it. Incredibly, his life sentence had been reduced, and he was preparing to go home after having served a mere eighteen years.”

The Bedouins of Israel

Not surprisingly, many Jews are astounded when they read about such incidents, which usually don't make the papers. If they are given attention, it is in the form of a blurb on page 100 of the local paper. Such an image is contrary to the one of the “happy” Bedouin that Jewish organizations and the Israeli government like to propagate. The mythology that Bedouins are “good Arabs” who love Israel. Such patronizing does nothing to convince the Bedouin about how he feels.

Most Jews have no understanding of the true Bedouin nature, which stands in opposition to the fictitious romanticized version that celebrates them as charming throwbacks to an ancient time. The mentality of the Bedouin is based on the violent blood code of the desert: strength and ruthlessness. A defective morality that might see your host feed you fruit and tea in his tent, and then butcher you that same night under the desert moonlight. The diligent researcher can find a treasure chest of horror stories of Bedouin atrocities that are rarely given proper media coverage. For centuries, Bedouin tribes butchered each other, as well as strangers who were unfortunate to cross their path. In much of the Middle East, this ancient code continues. Declaring yourself an “Abrahamic brother” to a hostile Bedouin tribe will not instill any familial sentiment in their hearts. They will butcher you.

Several years ago I accompanied a friend who runs a canine search and rescue unit to a small farm near the town of Ofakim in the Negev. The owner of the farm was surrounded by hostile Bedouins who demanded protection money. While the larger neighboring farms all paid them off for fear of having their greenhouses torched, or the unpleasantness of an unwanted evisceration, he alone refused to be extorted.

First they poisoned his dogs. Then they vandalized his farm. And then one evening as darkness fell, a gang of Bedouins descended upon him with knives, stabbing him repeatedly. Thank G-d he survived. The farmer wasn't around during our visit. A lone teenager was tending his farm, without any gun or a knife. I left him a walking stick for protection. My understanding is that the farmer has since abandoned his farm. No one could help him. The army never deals with Bedouins. The police don't deal with anything. Other than sporadic incidents, the Bedouins are untouchable.

Several years back, there was the Shai Dromi incident where a Jewish farmer got into trouble for killing a Bedouin intruder. Although he was acquitted of manslaughter, he was imprisoned for a month. Eventually they passed the “Shai Dromi Bill” which states that you have a right to protect yourself. Easier said than done. Despite his acquittal on the more severe charges, Dromi was convicted for illegal possession of weapons. Do you think it's easy to procure a gun license in the south? Think again. If Dromi could have obtained one legally, he would have.

Authentic Bedouin” Experiences

Route 40 takes you through the heart of the Negev, where you can't help but notice the extent of the unbridled land-grabbing of Bedouins. Naive tourists clap their hands with glee at the occasional "Camel Crossing" signs, or watching herds of ravenous goats (many of them stolen from Jews) devour everything green. There is nothing amusing about these signs. Their history is written in Jewish blood.

The signs should read“Bedouin Camels Crossing” since the current verbiage gives the uninformed traveler the false impression that wild camels sometimes cross the road. While one isn't happy to hit a deer or other wild animal, there is no malice involved when an unknowing animal strays too close to the road. The careful driver is aware of this. There are no wild camels today in Israel, nor even in the expanses of the Arabian Desert. They are all Bedouin owned camels and their owners deliberately let them wander. It would be easy to fasten them to a secure location. Too many Jews have been killed or spend the rest of their lives in comas as a result of collisions with camels. Hitting a camel at any speed is like hitting a truck. I knew a man with a wife and kids whose car collided with a camel several years back. He almost died from the impact. Today he has brain damage.

Were Israel a normal country, the Bedouins would be severely punished for this outrage. Listen to the draconian response from the regional leaders. After several such unfortunate incidents, the authorities running the Negev Region of Southern Chelm, required that all camels have ID tags attached to their ears. The Bedouin wasn't phased by this. Proving that Bedouin chutzpah and craftiness easily trumps the Jewish “kup,” they simply snipped off the camel's ear. Many of these earless camels are now crossing the Negev roads.

Be careful driving at night. Heaven Forbid, hitting an earless camel is just like hitting a regular one.

Rahat In The News

Leftists portray the Bedouin town of Rahat as a "moderate" one. Here are a few highlights from the enlightened town of Rahat.
  • 2008: Two Bedouins were indicted for their involvement with Al Qaida.
  • 2010: Four Bedouins were arrested for throwing firebombs at motorists on Route 40.
  • 2010: Officials of the Israeli Land Administration entered Rahat to demolish an illegally built mosque. A thousand Bedouins rioted, hurling stones at police, who responded with tear gas and arrests. You never saw video footage of these rioting Bedouins, because that would have exploded a carefully cultivated image. So would the image of 700 Israeli riot police trying to contain a powder-keg of Arab rage.
Did you read about these incidents? Probably not. You can chalk that up to the notorious “gag order” that is official government policy. The firebombing of Route 40 several years ago occurred around Pesach. In addition to not wanting to think that the Bedouin is a menace, they were also terrified that frightened tourists would cancel their trips to Eilat. Who wants to be firebombed?

Lest we forget the celebrated Bedouins of the Judean Desert, all that describes his Negev brothers applies to him as well. Except that the tribes of this region are generally viewed as the “poorer” more “nebach” examples of their stronger more well connected Negev counterparts. One thing to consider when traveling the Dead Sea region. The Judean Desert Bedouins have a terrible proclivity for leaving washing machines and tires on the roads at night. And you wouldn't want to hike Wadi Qelt by yourself. If you think the Negev Bedouin has places to hide (or bury) things, consider the thousands of sinkholes and chimneys throughout the Dead Sea Region, that plunge down into unknowable depths.

Here are some other Bedouin highlights from recent years.
  • 2009: Nine Bedouin terrorists from Shfaram had their charges reduced, after blocking a highway with burning tires and throwing stones at drivers. Evidently, the earlier charges of forming a terror cell wouldn't stick, thanks to their Arab lawyer and Israel's legal system.
  • January 2013: Two Bedouin brothers were arrested for plotting terrorist attacks in the South. These attacks included suicide bombings, shooting sprees, vehicular terrorism etc.
  • In May of 2013, Bedouins hurled a large stone at a woman driver near Kfar Retamim. Several days earlier, Bedouins attacked a car with metal bars. The driver was accompanied by his pregnant wife. Fortunately, they fled when he withdrew his gun.
  • Bedouin rock attacks against Jewish motorists have risen tremendously in 2014, particularly after the onset of Operation Protective Edge.
These are just a tiny sample of Bedouin crimes. The majority are never discovered. You want an authentic Bedouin experience and not the sanitized “Birthright” tourist trap experiences that provides glatt kosher shish kebab, and a guarantee that you will wake up in the morning?

The authentic Bedouin......
  • brazenly squats on government land under the noses of the authorities, and creates shanty towns which become havens of criminal behavior.
The authentic Bedouin......
  • enters “military zones” without recourse. The “Fire Zone” signs only apply to you and I. I have seen it myself. A Bedouin women with a herd of goats crossing the shooting range of a local military base. Try that yourself. Count the minutes before you find yourself handcuffed. I give you five.
The authentic Bedouin......
  • litters the Negev with filth and pollution, and engages in grotesque unsanitary practices that would have looked primitive in the days of the Black Death. His goats (often stolen from Jews) and donkeys litter the desert with their feces, pollute the few pristine water sources, and devour critical vegetation like a herd of locusts. They are an environmental nightmare. (As a general rule, environmentalists ignore the Bedouin's ecologically disastrous habits, and even tout them as examples of ecological living. Pursue any ecological degree in Israel, and you will find that a major part of the curriculum is dedicated to glamorizing Bedouins, and excoriating anyone who suggests that we didn't steal the land from them.)
The authentic Bedouin......
  • is polygamous and collects state funds for every child. The deluded tax payer funds his many wives and children.
The authentic Bedouin......
  • beats his wives as if it were a religious mandate. A study back in 2012 by Itach-”Woman Lawyers For Social Justice”, reported that 97% of Bedouin women suffered some form of physical violence by a relative. Sexual violence is rampant.
The authentic Bedouin......
  • doesn't pay taxes or medical fees. Steals water and electricity. Bedouin woman with no paperwork or identity are given medical full treatment without questions. Who are you? What is your ID #? Nothing. Your local southern branch of Klalit or Maccabi has a unique way of dealing with these mysteries. They pull down a fat folder bearing one word on the cover -BEDOUINS.
The authentic Bedouin......
  • steals pipes, siding, cables, railroad tracks, cars, air conditioners, goats, sheep, horses, trucks, tractors, public art (and selling it for scrap metal), even ATM machines!
  • runs extortion rings which squeeze money out of Jewish businesses and farms. Those who refuse suffer theft, beatings, arson/other property destruction, and sometimes death.
The authentic Bedouin......
  • smuggles drugs, weapons, prostitutes, etc. Into the country.
The authentic Bedouin......
  • is becoming radicalized, and by all accounts, active terrorist involvement is increasing. I remember reading about a 16 year old Bedouin girl who arrived at the Shoket Junction border police base, armed with a pistol. Her dreams of becoming a shaheed went unfulfilled, when she was shot dead before she could murder anyone.
In the absence of any evidence, I suspect that Bedouins played a role in creating Hamas's vast network of tunnels. They are already piercing the border with their illegal smuggling ventures which treat the border as if it were swiss cheese. Is it not reasonable to assume that their knowledge of both sides of the border, and uncanny ability to cross it with ease would make them a valuable asset to Hamas? As noted earlier in this article, by all honest appraisals they are increasingly engaging in terror.

During the pre-state years, many Jews were murdered on the rural roads of southern Israel. They were butchered by the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of the Bedouins you see today. Across the road from Sdei Boker, a beautiful park commemorates a Kibbutz woman who was murdered by Bedouins in the early years of the State. As some Leftist academics will explain to you, the unfortunate woman didn't “understand” the “cultural norms “ of the local Bedouins.

Lest one think that such past incidents may have rendered Kibbutz residents sensitive to “right wing”” sentiments, they will proudly inform you that Bedouins guard their agricultural fields at night. I was informed of this lunacy by a Kibbutznik, who proceeded to tell me (without batting an eyelash), that the Kibbutz has many problems with Bedouin vandalism/theft. I looked at him as if he were from another planet.

The wonderful civil defense group, “Hashomer Hachadash”, has assisted many Jewish farmers throughout the South and other regions. But they can't be everywhere all the time. And their resources are insufficient to combat the Bedouin menace. Were there not so many southern military bases, the Negev would be as dangerous today, as it was back when the Negev was no-man's land. The Bedouin wishes to remain anonymous. But given the opportunity, and a little carelessness, one can still feel the Bedouin blade in one's belly. Just a few months ago, a young Jewish man barely escaped a lynching by a gang of Bedouins, while waiting for a tremp outside of Beersheba. I am certain that no one reported on this. I read nothing of the incident.

Lest one think that mere proximity to the highway means anything, I can assure you that what occurs five feet off the highway in the Negev is an entirely different world. The lawless Bedouin can murder a Jew and melt into the night. No personal documentation, no fingerprints. He doesn't exist.

The government's incessant fear of a Bedouin uprising prevents them from addressing the problem. So they appease them with grotesque land deals, for land that never even belonged to them. Many years ago, there was an unsuccessful attempt to require that Bedouins show documentation for their land. Overwhelmingly, they had nothing to prove evidence of “ownership.”

Ironically, the clueless left puts forth two contradictory images of the Bedouin when defending them. On the one hand:
  • They were landless nomads who roamed the Middle East. As these leftists would have it, only Israel's colonial expansionism curtailed their ancient way of living.
  • On the other hand, these same frauds simultaneously insist that Israel is stealing Bedouin land today.
Generally speaking, the portrayal of the landless Bedouin is historically accurate. Granted, they would violently fight for a region they might be temporarily inhabiting, but they didn't necessarily fight for eternal rights, since they intended to move on. Furthermore, the next season might see another region of the desert more accommodating in terms of vegetation for their herds, and available water sources. As a rule, Bedouin tribes fought for what they wanted, and as an ironclad rule, might always made right. Every dirty trick of deceit and ambush would be used to slaughter other tribes that posed a threat to them. Tribal warfare often involved complicated arrangements based on confusing kinship ties that might backfire on the involved parties. But one thing is certain. They were not people who could point to any one spot and state, “this is where we live.” They were historically landless.

And yet despite this historical reality, and the inability of Bedouins to prove ownership, the spineless government policy has become even more entrenched. The new “Begin Plan” on the horizon is an impending nightmare, since it rewards the Bedouins for their brazen land-grabbing.

You think the South is dangerous today, as Bibi continues his insane policy of appeasing Hamas while they continue to shower us with rockets? Hamas will only be one Arab front in the South, when the Bedouin rage reaches its's boiling point. It is only a matter of time before the Bedouin fifth column wages an intifada of their own. And when they do, they will set the entire southern region on fire.

Unfortunately, the Leftists will only wake up when they can no longer drive down to Eilat.

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