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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Jordanian Menace

“We have warned repeatedly that Israel is playing with fire.” – Abdullah II, Jordan (2010)
“Our martyrs, among the people of Gaza, are alive, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord,” God willing. The pain and suffering that we have been witnessing and living through during this aggression, which has indiscriminately taken the lives of innocent people, refutes Israel’s claims that the war is justified. First and foremost, Israel is responsible for the aggression on the strip.” – Abdullah II reflects on Israel’s “Operation Protective Edge” (Al Ghad Interview, 2014)
I was going to take a short break from writing about Israeli politics. A brief reprieve from beating the proverbial carcass. I had another ambition this week. I wanted to share a little bit of my passion for Israel’s wildlife by writing an article on striped hyenas. But as I sat down at my computer, I couldn’t get the image of the Jordanian “king,” Abdullah II, out of my head. True to Hashemite form, while Arabs murder and maim our brothers and sisters with minivans, knives, and screwdrivers, Abdullah regurgitates his blood libel of “Israeli aggression.” While Har Habayit burns with Arab incitement and Wakf inspired Jew-hatred, Netanyahu debases himself by sitting down in Amman with this fiend. Anyone with a modicum of Jewish dignity cringes at this image. So I will defer the topic of scavenging hyenas for another week, and instead I will write about Hashemite vipers.
In truth, Abdullah needn’t fear anything. Netanyahu has no intention of destroying Al Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock. There are no Likud blueprints for building the Third Temple. Netanyahu assured the fictitious king that he will continue the status quo on the Temple Mount. The enduring demeaning policy of self-imposed dhimmitude, which prohibits Jews from asserting our religious-national rights on the sacred spot where the first and second Jewish temples stood.
I have always harbored a special loathing for the Hashemite kingdom. Abdullah II is a vicious anti-Semite in the mold of his chameleon father, who learned to switch his military fatigues and keffiyah for a suit whenever he was in the company of a western audience. Just like his father, he learned to wear a mask. At every opportunity this chutzpadik monster bashes Israel. His whole kingdom is built on historical falsehood, and yet he dares to speak of a “Palestinian State!”
Jordan. A mythical country. A crime of national theft crystalized into a fact. A country illegally formed on Jewish land courtesy of the duplicitous British. A country where more than 3/4ths (at the very least) of her citizens are supposed “Palestinians” who all drip with Jew-hatred. Despite the crime of stealing land from Israel, the Jordanians lead the pack when it comes to demanding that Israel create another Palestinian state. An illegal one already exists under the Hashemites.
Jordan. A country whose religious and cultural incitement against Jews equals Egypt’s, Israel’s other “ally” in the Arab world. Another purportedly moderate Arab country where the blood libel is as strong as in rural Poland. During Operation Cast Lead and the more recent Operation Protective Edge, Jordanian citizens came out in hordes to support Hamas. Jordan is nursed on the poison milk of Amalek. Jordanian TV is a sewer of pornographic Jew hatred. Jordanians match Egypt in terms of Jew-hatred (and not to mention copies of “The Protocols” circulating the country). Jordan is a country where Jews are most unwelcome. Israel ignores every Jordanian outrage because if this “peace-treaty” fails, the myth of Arab/Islamic tolerance will shatter.
The truth. The “peace treaty” with Jordan is about as authentic as the one Rabin signed with the PLO, and the one Begin signed with Sadat. And just like the treaty with Egypt where Sadat introduced the clever tactic of “phased destruction” to the Arab world, the goals are the same. And just as repugnant.
Consider the Jordanian Nationality Law, 1954, which was updated in 1987:
The following shall be deemed to be Jordanian Nationals-
Any person who, not being Jewish, possessed Palestinian nationality before 15 May 1948 and was a regular resident in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan between 20 December 1949 and 16 February 1954. (Article 3:2)
Israel’s weakling leaders continuously ignore opportunities to expose the Jordanians. Arabs riot in Jerusalem, and the ineffectual police response prompts the Jordanians to recall their ambassador. As Abdullah sees it, we are the aggressors. Abdullah recently prohibited 2 of his ministers and a few dozen Jordanian officials from attending the ceremony commemorating the 20 year anniversary of the “treaty.” If Israel had the self-respect to inform the world that Jordan has no interest in peace, that their repeated actions and words betray as much, we could finally bury this sham treaty and reclaim some Jewish self-respect. Instead, Israel’s various media outlets hide the truth by ignoring the story or disseminating confusing, contradictory, information.
Few contemporary thinkers can diagnose this Jewish malady as lucidly as Dr. Paul Eidelberg:
“It may sound quiotic, but Israeli politicians– Left and Right, secular and religious– degrade Israel by seeking the recognition of Arab regimes whose media (especially Egypt’s) vilify Jews and the Jewish State. To demand the cessation of this anti-semitism as a precondition of negotiation would enhance Israel’s honor, a crucial element given the overweening pride of Arab-Islamic culture.” (Jewish Statesmanship: Lest Israel Fall, page 186).
Further on, Dr. Eidelberg reflects on the “Peace Treaty” with Jordan, noting that the contradictions of democracy and Arabic-Islamic culture with all their various complicated nuances can never be bridged when such countries remain dictatorships. As such, Israel loses dignity and acquires nothing in the form of security. He notes:
“Israel’s peace treaty with Jordan is no exception. For that piece of paper the left wing government of Jitzchak Rabin yielded 330 sq. Km of land on which seven school children were subsequently murdered by a Jordanian.”….Besides, not only does the treaty take no precedence over Jordan’s commitment to the Arab League, but Amman remains the headquarters of Arab terrorists groups, and it remains a capital offense to sell property to Jews (186-87).
Abdullah II wears no mask when he speaks to Arab audiences. The media simply chooses to ignore these events. The following segment of Abdullah’s speech was distributed to Arab leaders at the 22nd Arab Summit in Sirte, Libya, in March 2010:
“Occupied East Jerusalem is being subjected on a daily basis to Israeli measures that seek to change the demographic structure of the city, to Judaise it, to undermine its Arab identity and threaten its Muslim and Christian holy sites. As we condemn and reject these Israeli measures, we are also doing everything we can to continue our historic role in preserving the Arab identity of Jerusalem and protecting its holy sites until it is liberated from occupation.”
Abdullah continues:
“I must emphasize here the importance of intensifying our efforts with the international community to lift the unjust siege on our steadfast brothers in the Gaza Strip who are living under tragic conditions that cannot be tolerated….
We also support measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to defend its security and stability and to combat terrorism, and we stand by the Gulf Arab states in confronting anyone who tries to tamper with their security or stability or to interfere in their internal affairs or challenge their total sovereignty over every inch of their land.
We also stand by Lebanon in the face of Israeli threats and provocations that we condemn. We also stand by its government and people against any attempt to undermine Lebanon’s social fabric or threaten the security of the country and its public safety…..
Finally, I must extend my thanks and appreciation to Brother Leader Muammar Qadhafi, Guide of the Great Revolution for the warm welcome and good preparation for this summit which contributed to its success….”
A speech that could have been written by Nasser.
Occupied? Who went to war, Abdullah? Who occupied East Jerusalem and Judea pre-67? Who went on national radio and implored the blood-crazed Jordanian populace to “kill the Jews wherever you find them; kill them with your hands, with your nails, with your teeth!”? Who had to satiate his bloodlust despite Israel’s quisling leadership repeatedly begging him to stay out of the war?
Even poisonous fruit doesn’t roll very far from the tree.
Abdullah has the gall to speak of Jordan’s “historic role in preserving the Arab identity of Jerusalem”. Translation: Abdullah is referring to the tragic period when the Hashemites occupied East Jerusalem. The enlightened guardians of Jordan converted our holy synagogues into latrines and stables. Perhaps when the time comes to liberate Jordan, we can reciprocate in kind with their houses of prayer.
As evidenced by his speech, Abdullah supports Hamas, the Saudi Wahhabis who lop off heads as if they were stalks of broccoli, and the Hezbollah Hitlerites. His moral framework even appreciates the now deceased psychotic loony-toon, Qaddafi. Abdullah consistently spouts cleverly worded hostility and anti-semitism. Israel responds by providing Abdullah with precious water reserves and hi-tech technology ranging from cutting edge agriculture, to sophisticated weaponry and military aid. How many times did Israel save King Hussein’s life?
Jews Who Visit Jordan
Israeli tour guides, nursed on the propaganda of “The Ministry of Tourism,” delight in shlepping clients to visit Petra, to see the Nabatean “wonder of the world.” It allows them to cultivate the myth of moderate Jordan in their silly heads. First of all, Jews should have no interest in seeing Petra, regardless of how “impressive” the sights are, since the Nabateans were a pagan society. More importantly, Jews shouldn’t visit or support economically, a country where the average Arab would lynch them in a heartbeat. When Jews return from Petra, they have a skewed perspective that Jordan is safe to visit. Petra isn’t really Jordan. Petra is a tourist trap. The real Jordan is Amman where Jewish tourists would be as welcome as the bird flu, and would be treated as such. Wear a kipah in Amman and risk getting torn to pieces. No Jew should ever visit Jordan.
One day soon, G-d willing, the immoral Hashemite Kingdom will collapse on its peg legs. Abdullah’s days are numbered (unless Israel decides to intervene at some point, a distinct possibility), and the opportunity to liberate and settle both sides of the Jordan will be ours. Then and only then, should you visit.
The Jordanian Wakf
The Temple Mount is not in our hands. It is delusional to think otherwise. The Jordanian Wakf are in complete control. For that, we can thank the late pirate Moshe Dayan (an arrogant man who was missing much more than an eyeball) for ensuring that the Temple Mount was only temporarily in our hands. The greatest examples of chillul Hashem can be found atop Har Habayit. The Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque occupy the place where The Almighty tested Abraham, and the site where the first and second Jewish Temples stood.
Har Habayit. Where Islam spits at the Almighty and the Law of Moses. Where the Arabs have caused utter destruction, and willfully destroyed remnants of the first and second Mikdash, along with priceless artifacts of Jewish heritage. All intended to erase the unerasable facts of Jewish history.
Har Habayit. Where Jews are forbidden to pray, while Ishmael’s guttural caterwauls resonate throughout the Old City. Where even attempting to pray or recite psalms ensures that you will get arrested.
Har Habayit. Where the Arabs are emboldened because they see that one day all of Israel will be Judenrein. Where Arabs can throw stones and even pour acid on Jewish heads (as they have done in the past.)
If one wants to understand why Israel is killing itself through appeasement and territorial concession, why the idea of transferring hostile Arabs is anathema, and why rockets can rain death upon the country for an entire month, look at the Temple Mount. The abominations on the Temple Mount explain it all; fear and appeasement of the enemy, apathy and antipathy to all things Jewish, and the maddening malaise that sickens our country.
Har Habayit and Halacha
Avigdor Lieberman’s recent remarks castigating those who ascend the Mount are of no concern. Yet another example showing this blowhard for who he is. A weakling opportunist who has no regard for Jewish dignity. Naturally, since he has no knowledge of Halacha, his words are irrelevant. Yet one cannot be so cavalier with one who occupies the position of Sephardi Chief Rabbi. At the recent funeral for Shalom Aharon Ba’adani, who was murdered by another Arab who thought it would be nice to plow into a 17 year old boy with his vehicle, the Sephardi Chief Rabbi, Yitzhak Yosef noted the following:
“Jews must not go to the Temple Mount and provoke the Arab terrorists. “This must be stopped…only in this manner shall the blood of the people of Israel stop being spilt.”
To level such charges against committed Jews who halachically ascend Har Habayit in order to assert jewish sovereignty is disgraceful, and a mockery of the Rabbinate. To accuse them of fomenting violence is as despicable a libel that the Arabs throw at us. An Arab didn’t shoot Rabbi Glick (may he have a full refuah) because he ascended Har Habayit. He shot him because he saw him as a figurehead for promoting Har Habayit, and the usurping Arabs want to deny the history of the first and second temples.
As if that wasn’t enough, Rabbi Yosef proceeded to besmirch gedolim and chachamim of the past and present with his ad hominum attack:
“Fourth-rate rabbis cannot dispute (the rulings of) the sages of Israel.”
A Chief Rabbi who denigrates the Torah scholarship of prestigious poskim who disagree with his position will have to beg mechilah for his words. The complicated issue of visiting Har Habayit is hardly monolithic in the eyes of Rabbonim. (For a more rigorous treatment of this mutli-faceted Halachic issue which is beyond the scope of this author, read “Entering The Temple Mount-in Halacha and Jewish History” by Gedalya Meyer & Henoch Messner.) Even according to those who permit going up, it goes without saying that no G-d fearing Jew would ever ascend, except within the precise framework of the Halacha. So a Rav who castigates other poskim, on the grounds that it is prohibited by consensus, is telling half a story. Furthermore, many of these halachic personalities who oppose going up do so for reasons that have less to do with Halacha and more with a shtetl complex that clouds their reason. Fear of the Arabs. Fear of the U.S. State Department. Oftentimes, their own words say as much.
The Rambam likely prayed atop Har Habayit. Was he a fourth rate Rabbi? What of the Radbaz, whose framework provides the route for many who ascend according to Halacha? The contemporary posek, Rabbi Moshe Tendler, shlitah (son-in-law of Reb Moshe Feinstein, zt”l) regularly ascends Har Habayit when he visits Eretz Yisroel. Also a fourth rate Rabbi?
Those in the “frum” camp who are happy that Har Habayit is controlled by Arabs (because in their ignorance they believe it is forbidden to visit even permissible areas) need to learn the sugyah objectively. Regardless of whether one follows the position of permitting or prohibiting ascending the mount, the Ishmalites certainly cannot be up there. Nor can their edifices, which mock the covenant with Avraham Avinu. At the core, the issue of Har Habayit is one of Kiddush Hashem versus chillul Hashem. Torah truth versus Islamic falsehood, duplicity, violence, and moral corruption. Ishmael versus Isaac. If Jews are murdered every day and our blood spills as copiously as water, it is because our collective Jewish heart has been savaged. It is because we have been bled white by our leaders and lack the resolve to fight.
The answer to Jewish degradation is a cognizance of the problem, and the strength and the resolve to repair it. The solution is a resurrection of the Jewish fighting spirit, a renewed commitment to defend the Jewish body and soul, and the physical willingness to fight the Arab barbarians at any cost. In the streets of Israel and atop Har Habayit.
There are no Jews or shuls in Saudi Arabia, nor have there been, since Mohammed slaughtered and expelled the last remaining Jewish tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. Jews don’t live in Jordan, whose very existence is a crime against the Jewish people. Dogs would be treated more humanely than a Jew who stumbled into Jordan. Let the abominations on top of Har Habayit be relocated to Mecca (or Amman for that matter) where there are no Jews or shuls, and where the common man believes that Jews drink the blood of Muslim children. Drop the Al Aqsa Mosque on their heads for all I care. Right on top of the Kaaba. Preferably, during the height of the Haj.
In the meantime, the Temple Mount is burning.

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