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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Netanyahu Unmasked. Once Again.

The righteous man will rejoice when he sees revenge; he will bathe his feet in the blood of the wicked. Men will say, “There is, then, a reward for the righteous; there is indeed, divine justice on earth.” (Psalms 58:11-12)

Then Samson called to the L-rd, “O L-rd G-d! Please remember me, and give me my strength just this once, O G-d, to take revenge of the Philistines, if only for one of my two eyes.” (Judges 16:28) JPS Hebrew-English Tanakh

Benjamin Netanyahu’s die-hard lackeys can spin his latest debacle as they wish (and they will), yet once again Netanyahu displayed his trademark timidity, this time by refusing to support the proposed death penalty bill for Arab terrorists. The Prime Minister had an opportunity to implement a modicum of justice for victims of Arab terror, to actually combat terror, and to raise the degraded Jewish morale a little bit higher, in a country lacking the most basic attributes of self-respect, dignity, and the ever critical belief that you have the right to exist.
Netanyahu’s decision to subvert justice by forming a committee to “examine” the proposed death penalty bill for terrorists is typical. What part of “capital punishment for terrorists” requires explanation? What normal, moral man has a problem punishing Arab terrorists with death? Answer: A normal man wouldn’t. A normal people would insist on the legislation of such a bill. 

Ultimately, the failure of the masses and our leaders to adhere to the halachic injunction to throw all hostile Arabs out of the country is the real problem we face. Yet even among those who lack Torah knowledge and wisdom to see the ultimate problem and understand the solution, anyone with a modicum of sanity should demand the harshest of penalties for punish Jew killers. And yet somehow, this proposal comes off as controversial in liberal circles, of which the reigning moderate Likud party is part of. And Netanyahu is the face of the fraudulent Right.
The consequences are set in stone. Netanyahu killed the bill by initiating a protracted process which will render any bill (if it ever sees the light of day) as toothless. And yet as frustrating as Bibi is, he’s predictable. I am far more annoyed by those who tolerate his endless charade and keep electing him.

Jewish Revenge 101

Despite what liberal Jewish bloggers would have you believe, revenge is a Jewish concept when applied according to Halacha. Judaism prohibits revenge against other Jews, even when the drive for action to right a wrong beats in our hearts. Prohibited. But vengeance against Jew killers? It is not only a moral expression, it is something to celebrate. 

Several weeks back, Sarah Tuttle-Singer, a writer for the Times of Israel expressed her disgust when she read of Jews celebrating the death of an Arab terrorist on Facebook. She was particularly appalled by the “likes” and comments. In “Who “likes” dead bodies?” Sarah opined:

“…….To hand out “likes” on a dead man’s picture the way so many of our enemies hand out candies in the street after they’ve killed one of our soldiers?
When did we make this OK?”

You don’t get it, Sarah. There is no godliness within evil men. Such people forsake any connection to G-d when they abandon their souls. Hitler had no godliness in him. Neither did the Arab terrorist who was crushed by a jeep, Baruch Hashem! 
As far as the oft distorted verse from Proverbs, which Sarah referred to in her article, it refers to other Jews, not to evil men who try to kill us. For such people, we celebrate their deaths with a fancy Kiddush in shul, replete with chulent and good whiskey. We sing shirah, just as we did at the Red Sea, when the Egyptians suffered a watery death. “Az Yashir Moshe…..” 

There is a reason that Saadya Gaon referred to the seventh day of Passover as “Chag ha-Hashmadah,” roughly translated as “The Festival of Extermination.” RASAG knew a thing or two about Judaism. 
The desire to see evil men punished is normal. Those who would argue otherwise invariably fall on the wrong end of the moral spectrum. Such people are usually more concerned with the “rights of women” than with protecting the life of an unborn fetus. And according to this stream of thinking, celebrating the death of an Arab terrorist is deemed aberrant, while the deviant union of man and man is seen as beautiful. Yet such twisted thinking is hardly Jewish.
Like the RHINO republicans in the U.S., the Netanyahu led Likud constantly cow-tails to liberal sentiments. The fraudulent right in America purports to represent conservative traditional values, and yet time and time again, on issues of security, illegal immigration, Obama’s unbridled unconstitutional power grabs, unrestrained liberal judicial activism, the disingenuous right-wing marches to the totalitarian beat. They have no principles to stand on.
The same is true with the Likud of 2015. The days of longing for both sides of the Jordan are long gone, as is the desire for a “Greater Israel.” “Fire and blood” in defense of Jews? These beliefs are as dead as Jabotinsky. At the end of the day, Netanyahu is an articulate symbol and a slogan and nothing more. A veneer, a façade, a man more interested in retaining power than doing the difficult things that Israel needs to do. When you need a good speech on Yom HaShoah, then Netanyahu is your man, if you’re satisfied with rhetoric. Leave it to Netanyahu to gauge the wind, and sacrifice Jewish justice to appease the liberal world. 

The most basic fundamentals of Jewish justice demand that the blood of every murdered Jew be paid for in kind. Blood for blood. Again, I pose the question. What kind of person would oppose such measures? Only leftists and unprincipled politicians.
Capital punishment against terrorists will ensure Jewish justice. The quislings among us will maintain that we are feeding the serpents by martyring them. So be it. If they wish to be martyred, then martyr everyone who desires such a fate. Killing these savages ensures that politicians won’t ever release these animals to kill again. It will send a clear message to Arabs, particularly if it is applied swiftly (on the spot) and consistently. They will learn that terrorism of any sort warrants the death penalty. On the day that the average Arab understands that by even raising his hand to throw a stone he earns a bullet to the head, a great many of them will reassess what their life is worth. 

Yet even the possible deterrent factor is irrelevant. We have a moral imperative to avenge the Jewish dead.

The Language of the Arab Scimitar

Capital Punishment. Arab society understands violence, which as much a native tongue as is Arabic. Violence is the language of the Arab home, the street, religion, and the political process. Violence is the way to subjugate the weak, be it a man, child, or woman. Especially woman. Honor killings. Revenge killing. It predates Islam. Pagan Arab butchered his brother with ease, because violence was as natural as breathing. And Islam ultimately flourished, because violence in the name of a blood deity was an attractive notion. 
Applying the capital punishment to Arab terrorists will expose the myth of moderate Arabs. There are untold numbers of Arabs in the penal system who would qualify for this punishment. And this would in turn expose how rampant terrorism is in our country. 
Of course Bibi has no intention of ever allowing such a bill to pass. He knows how Obama and the liberals in America would react to a newly instituted death penalty. He knows how JStreet will react, and the rest of liberal American Jewry. He knows that the EU will excoriate him. He is playing to the crowd, out of a clear understanding that sometimes the masses demand things. So he has given them a spectacle, the false hope of a national policy on the Arab question with some teeth. Netanyahu is the master of orchestrating “the spectacle”, of waxing poetic on matters of pride and nationalism, and even on Jewish heritage, to galvanize the respectable masses who form his power base. 

At the end of the day, under the wrong conditions, Netanyahu would release another thousand Arab murderers if it was politically expedient to do so. The Messiah will arrive long before Benjamin Netanyahu allows a policy of executing terrorists.
Those who hoped for a right-wing government were foolish. Shame on them for their naiveté. They are Exhibit B which explains Exhibit A, i.e. Israel’s unprincipled leadership. A motley crew of new and old misfits, vying for positions of power they have neither the qualifications for nor the moral basis to ever assume.
Our murdered brothers and sisters cry out for vengeance. No one hears. We hear the cries of those left behind. The shrieks of funerals and orphans and of parents who will never know be normal again. The ability to feel pity defines a Jew. Yet there is a time to burn with rage and to demand Jewish justice. Ignoring the cries of the murdered does nothing to silence them. Their blood continues to churn.
Just as the noose was appropriate for Eichmann, it is equally warranted for all who walk the path of Amalek. A politician who postpones or delays the implementation of such a bill speaks volumes with his actions. No more life sentences for Jew killers, whose duration often mirrors the life span of a gerbil. (Some gerbils live longer than the duration of Arab “life sentences”.) The immediate formation of a national firing squad, which will rid us of 1000+ Jew-killers day if necessary, until the next Yovel (jubilee).
And now that the treasonous Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry, yemach shmam v’zichrum made a deal with the Iranian Amalekites, the need for a swift Jewish sword against our enemies is even more apparent. Netanyahu diagnosed the Iranian threat perfectly, because he thoroughly understands the problem. The only remaining question is what he will do to prevent Iranian from obtaining the kinds of weapons they seek to actualize their desire to exterminate us. 

One needn’t be a military strategist to know that barring an absolute Divine miracle, Israel will need to take drastic military action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb. And the Arab world will surely take advantage of Israel’s vulnerable position by escalating acts of terror against Jews, both in Israel and abroad.

What better way to punctuate a strong Jewish response that to immediately institute the death penalty for ALL Arab terrorists, including those who are apprehended before they take a life.
Death is the only tongue that the Arab terrorist understands. So be it. Let him know it intimately.

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