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Monday, November 24, 2014

No Hero of Mine

“We bumped them off on the ship, and we bumped them off as they were swimming in the water.” (A younger Yitzchak Rabin in his capacity as Ambassador to the U.S. recalls the Altalena Affair).
On Wednesday, the supposedly “right-wing” Likud government will memorialize Yizchak Rabin, on the 19th anniversary of his assassination. Nineteen years of continuous Arab terror, and Israel’s leaders have learned nothing from Rabin’s criminal pact with Arafat. Netanyahu will continue to undermine his credibility as he waxes poetically with his eloquent speaking voice about Rabin’s mythical legacy. And Netanyahu, who was elected several times with a mandate to end Oslo, will speak of his own personal commitment to continuing the “Peace Process.” This will occur while the Arabs of Jerusalem continue to maim and murder Jews. Whole sections of Jerusalem, including our holy Har Habayit, remain Judenrein. Our leaders refuse to crush Arab terror because they cannot face the unpleasant truth: There are no Arab moderates. Even those Arabs who actually work for Jews (insane as it is to hire them) still want to kill us.
What Rabin called a peace treaty, Arafat called a phased plan of destruction. Rabin and Peres heard peace while Arafat thundered “Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!” for the cameras in Ramallah. They shoved this illegal crime, a crime no less than treason, down the throats of the Jewish people, and those who protested peacefully had their bones broken open by the henchmen of the left. Neither the insane escalation of Arab suicide bombings that stole so many Jewish lives, nor the shootings on the roads and the kidnappings changed a thing. To oppose Oslo was to be a right-wing extremist. And when Rabin was killed, the kipah became a symbol to destroy. It didn’t help that many loyalist religious Jews devoured the bait and publicly pounded their breasts on the national scene.
Mahmoud Abbas is no different than Arafat when it comes to his Jew hatred. While he appears more respectable than Arafat (who always looked like he rolled around in the mud from whence he came) Abbas is as diseased a soul as the former. After all, this is the same man who earned his doctorate in “Holocaust Denial.” And so it comes as no surprise when one reads that Fatah recently celebrated the Arab fiend who murdered a Jewish baby with his car. Fatah=PLO=PA. All synonyms for the same murderous organization of Arab butchers.
It is an annual perversion, this season of Rabin, which has become a profane festival to perpetuate Jewish weakness and perpetuate the policies of appeasement. It is a time for the propagandists of the Ministry of (Mis)Education to ensure the continuation of Rabin’s blood charter with the PLO by corrupting the minds and souls of our youth. In the past, the worst elements of the Left used the occasion to incite hatred against religious Jews and opponents of Oslo. And so, the sin of vivisecting Eretz Yisroel and handing its limbs over to murderous goyim drags on; The sacrifice of Jewish lives on the altar of world opinion.
Many religious government schools are clueless about how to handle this government mandated day of ceremony and remembrance. The reactions range from avoiding the topic, making a lame effort to satisfy the government requirement, or for the real die hard loyalists, by actually following through with the government program. And there is no way to sanitize the day, or to remove the political/ideological thrust of the day. At the core, it is a day of leftist indoctrination. Needless to say, I will be keeping my children home from school that day, since hell will freeze over before I allow Shimon Peres to indoctrinate my kids about anything.
While I don’t celebrate Rabin’s death, I shed no tears for a man who callously referred to the Jewish victims of Arab terror as “sacrifices for peace.” I will never mourn the legacy of one who shook the hand of the Arab Hitler of our time, a genuine successor to the Mufti’s genocidal plans. And lest one forget history (an easy thing in Israel’s Leftist education system), Oslo was not the beginning of Rabin’s crimes against the Jewish people. Long before he shook hands with the PLO butcher, Rabin was responsible for murdering Jews.
Remember The Altalena!
Leftists prattle about “right wing incitement and extremism,” yet consistently omit or misrepresent the Left’s infamous assault on the Irgun ship, the S.S. Altalena. A horrible stain on the Left’s head, when a young Rabin played a key role in the murder of 16 heroic Jews. Ben-Gurion saw an opportunity to spill Irgun blood and murder Begin, and the upstart Rabin assisted him. In his powerful work, “The First Tithe,” Lechi ideaologician Dr. Israel Eldad reflects on the Palmach celebration on the day the Altalena was sunk and the slaughter of Jews:
“And where is the great artist who will paint Ben Gurion’s face as he gave the order, and the face of Yitzchak Sadeh and the face of Galili and the face of the man who fired the artillery and the faces of the Palmach men and women who danced and sang in the cars returning from the slaughter, as they drove down to Ben Yehuda and Allenby streets in Tel Aviv.” (pg. 389)
Years later, Leah Rabin shared her thoughts on the Altalena atrocity, in her biography of her husband entitled, “Rabin. Our Life, His Legacy.” She gave the Altalena scant treatment, and she summarized her bias by describing the Palmach assault on the ship in the context of a morally equivalent and grotesque phrase: “A powerful gun battle followed.” (pg. 81) Of course, one can understand such dishonesty and moral sickness when one reads the praise she heaps on Yasser Arafat. “But it was during this visit to our home that I truly discovered the warm and authentic side to this human being behind the political facade.” (pg. 29)
Leah Rabin’s words of praise for one of the most monstrous enemies of Am Yisroel. The Arab Hitler.
Rabbi Binyamin Kahane, (who, along with his wife, was murdered Al Kiddush Hashem by Arabs) reflected on Rabin in his classic essay, “On Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations” (translated by Lenny Goldberg).
“And finally, according to the non-Jewish calendar, (which perhaps has no significance for us anyway), Yizchak Rabin was killed exactly five years after my father. How ironic. Do you remember the reaction of the left when my father was murdered? These self-righteous hypocrites danced on his blood.The Israeli Government officially ignored it. It was pleased to see the troublemaker go.
My father’s murder was also two years after the same Likud-Labor government, out of fear that he would cop seats from them, banned my father from running for Knesset. Such an act disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of Jews, negating from them their basic democratic right to vote. It closed the door in the face of the most excitable and enthusiastic sector of the population, and it left them little choice. Did it not enter their Bolshevik minds that one out of all these people MIGHT do something out of desperation when no other alternative was left to?
In one of his books, my father writes about the first murder attempt against him. The year was 1976, and the Shin Bet warned him to stop his actions, and if not, they would “take care of him.” My father did not stop, and on the17th of Tamuz, 1976, there was an attempt to assassinate him. Only a miracle saved him. Who was Prime Minister then? You got it. Yitzchak Rabin.”
Rabin’s Legacy
Thanks to Yitzchak Rabin and Peres, our tiny country is under siege within and without. Rabin sanitized the PLO, and every self-respecting leftist today “knows” that the PA is comprised of moderates. Moderates who will gun you down as fast as any ISIS barbarian. Moderates who are armed to the teeth with powerful weapons and the ability to use them. While Hamas occupies Gaza and fires rockets upon the length and width of our tiny besieged country, Hezbollah dominates the northern fight. And lest we forgot, the roving Islamic psychopaths of ISIS are heading our way. We are much weaker than before Oslo, and there were plenty of problems beforehand, such as the ticking time bomb of Arab demography. Today, all mainstream politicians encourage, in one form or another, the Oslo march to the graveyard.
The latest virus of Arab violence in Jerusalem is another indication of what the Arabs within Israel have in store for us. Last week, an Arab beast attempted to murder Rabbi Yehudah Glick, a prominent advocate for Jewish prayer rights on Har Habayit. Previously, this Arab worked in a restaurant in the Begin Center. The latest act of Arab terror in what has become a genuine intifada within Jerusalem. Only the blind would deny that the Arabs of Jerusalem are showing their true faces. A Jew signs his own death warrant if he enters many Arab sections of Jerusalem. For those who haven’t yet learned, these latest Arab riots destroy the myth of the moderate “Israeli-Arab,” a nonsensical term made up by the Left since they want to believe in the myth of moderate Arabs within Israel. We are witnessing an Arab war in Jerusalem against Jews. “An uprising” as the post-zionist left would prefer to call it. The same as the “Arab uprisings” of the 20′s and 30′s, where marauding Arabs butchered and mutilated hundreds of Jews.
Netanyahu and his band of incompetents keep rehashing the same tired and false mantras. “We will come down strong against terror.” “We will not tolerate terror.” They are liars. They have tolerated it, and they will continue to do so, since the only alternative would be to gun down Arab mobs every day. And how would that look in the western media? What would the State Department say? A normal Jew responds with the retort, “the hell with them,” but normal Jews do not currently run the eternally perplexed Israeli government. So we are forced to see the repugnant images of Israeli police speeding away from rioting Arabs. Instead of gunning them down like rabid beasts, they flee like frightened prey. Those who want to damn the anti-semites of the world for their obvious bias against Jews, should open their eyes to the reality within our own leadership. If the State Department doesn’t consider Arab “youth” who hurl stones at Jewish heads to be terrorists, and they don’t, then neither do our clueless leaders.
Rabin’s Authentic Legacy
In his youth, Rabin participated in the murder of heroic Jews. His career took off like a rocket because he was a “yes man” when Ben-Gurion wanted Begin and the Irgun eliminated. As an older man, Rabin shook hands with the devil and signed Israel’s death warrant on the lawn of the White House. In the name of “peace” he parceled Israel up as if it was his own private real estate and armed Arafat and his Amalekite fiends. Thousands of slaughtered and maimed Jews courtesy of his insanity. All in the name of peace.
Rabin betrayed the Jewish people. Today he is a god in the eyes of the left. And still they haven’t learned; nor have their allegedly “right-wing” counterparts of the Likud, who continue to march along to the beat of of Rabin’s death march. Rabin is their modern day Baal, and they are the priests.
Open your eyes, deluded Jews of the Left. Oslo was a sin against The Almighty and the Jewish people. If one chooses to remember Rabin, he should know the authentic story of Rabin’s life. Not the Rabin mythos that turned him into a god for the Godless. Rabin is no hero. Not for any self-respecting G-d-fearing Jew who doesn’t venerate the legacy of Mapai. Only clueless Jews revere the memory of one who brought death and misery to the Jews of the Altalena and the Jewish people with Oslo. Thanks to Rabin, Peres, Beilin and the rest of the “mixed multitude,” the PLO is armed and waiting right at our doorstep. Worse still, the Left deem them to be moderates. I shed no tears for Rabin. I shed tears for the victims of Oslo past, present, and future. And I scream for the blood of the Arabs who seek to exterminate us.

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