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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Murder of Chaya Zisel Braun (May G-d avenge her blood.)

“There will be a war of extermination and a momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the crusades!” – Arab League Secretary General, Azzam Pasha, 1948
“I announce from here, on behalf of the United Arab Republic People, that this time we will exterminate Israel.” – President Gamal Nasser (Egypt), 1959
There are some images one never forgets. They remain indelibly imprinted in our minds, and haunt us throughout our lives. One nightmarish image from my youth stands out. I was attending the funeral of a local teenager. I remember the surreal images of the coffin being lowered into the ground. The shoveling of dirt into the grave, the final tapping of the earth to ensure that the grave was filled. Above all, I remember the heart-shattering wailing of the boy’s mother. I am a visual person, and yet more than the images, the mother’s cries remain with me. Such recollections often have an effect on the mind and soul which are more efficacious than any mussar sefer. They remind us of the fragility of man, and of our temporary abode in this physical world. I never forgot that funeral. It remains with me.
The picture of precious Chaya Zissel Braun (may G-d avenge her blood) all bundled up for the grave is another image that will never leave me. A lone shot of a tiny Jewish baby wrapped in the vestments of the dead, because an Arab Amalekite from Silwan murdered her. Today I just read that 22 year old Karen Mosquera, a rightoeus gentile on the road to conversion, succumbed to her deadly injuries from the attack. I am so sickened by Israel’s silence in the face of this persistent Arab terror. We are literally living with vipers in our home.
“I declare a holy war my Muslim brothers. Murder the Jews! Murder them all!” – Haj Hussein al Husseini (the mufti), 1948
Parents aren’t meant to bury their children, be they 3 years old or 30. Or three weeks. I imagine this precious Jewish baby falls under the grotesque category that Rabin named when he sold Eretz Yisroel to the PLO. “Karbonos” for peace. Today, these “sacrifices” are on Bibi’s head, since it is in his power to end this nightmare tomorrow if he chose to do so. The latest sacrifice for Bibi’s insane delusion was a three month old baby girl. I hope Netanyahu never knows a decent night’s sleep. Our leaders are worshipping Molech with our children.
A Dream Becomes A Nightmare
The Braun’s (may The Almighty comfort them) waited ten years to have a baby. Ten years is a veritable lifetime for any couple eager to start a family. In time, Hakadosh Baruch Hu answered their tefilot and they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Until last week, this had the making of a heartwarming story that should have been the precursor to a lifetime of smachot and Jewish joy. For three months the Braun’s enjoyed their baby. A simple trip to the kotel in Ir Hakodesh should have been uneventful.
Chaye Zisel Braun
Should have been.
Perhaps in a normal world where a sovereign Jewish State acted with dignity and expelled its hostile Arab populace. In this case, an Arab who had previously been incarcerated, drove his car into a group of Jews and killed their baby girl, Chaya Zisel. When one understands the psychopathic hatred Arabs have for Jews, one understands that Chaya Zisel (may G-d avenge her blood) was killed by Amalek.
As Rav Soloveitchik pointed out:
“I once heard the following answer from my father and master )R. Moses Soloveitchik of blessed memory, namely that any nation that conspires to destroy Kneset Israel, becomes according to the halakha, Amalek.” Fate and Destiny, notes. Pg 94., Ktav Press. )
We see the normal Jewish reactions, because Jews cry and bleed when other Jews suffer. Tears. Agony. Horror. Frustration. Sympathy for the destroyed parents. But where is the rage? Rage must be one of the responses. The Arabs are spilling our blood and the government does nothing. Politicians call for restraint and civil order, while Arabs wage an intifada in Jerusalem. Jewish blood runs in the streets. Murder and mayhem. Arson. Stonings. Arab lynch mobs. Every day we read of such horrors. Terror on Har Habayit. The Arab mocks us, spits on us, and stones us. And the government is silent.
Jerusalem is on fire, and the idiot mayor of Jerusalem twiddles his thumbs. Much like the rest of the police in Israel, Jerusalem’s finest are consistently impotent, incompetent, or corrupt, unwilling to prevent, react to or even investigate terrorism. Jews are murdered, and all the Prime minister can do is bow before the make- believe king of Jordan, in order to assure him that the Temple Mount is in Muslim hands.
“Kill the Jews wherever you find them. Kill them with your hands, with your nails, and with your teeth.” – King Hussein, (Jordan) 1967
The Jews of Jerusalem are facing a genuine intifada as many astute individuals have already pointed out. The Arabs of Israel are committing terror and melting into their nests of security, beyond the reach of prosecution. Were Jews involved in such riots, Yassamnikim thugs would be set upon them before you could bat an eyelash. They would smash open Jewish heads with unbridled aggression. One imagines that the Shabak is already working on ways to deter possible responses (real or imagined) rather than to Arab terror itself.
Where are the police when you need them? The area of the Mount of Olives is notorious for its persistent and consistent arab attacks on Jews. Why the police don’t permanently set up shop in the area is beyond me. It suggests all sorts of things that make the sin of incompetence and negligence tame by comparison. Why can’t Jews safely take a walk to do tashlich in the Silwan region without being attacked by an Arab lynch mob? And why won’t armed Jews cut down such terrorists with their licensed guns, even after having their heads smashed in with wooden boards, with nails driven through them?
Why aren’t stone throwers shot dead like any terrorist, regardless of age? If one is old enough to light and throw a molotov cocktail bomb, then one deserves nothing but the grave. Yet the police avoid such confrontations, and actually back down during such confrontations. The result is a lawlessness of Arab terror against Jews, and draconian measures for those few normal Jews who respond with deadly force. The wisdom of Chelm with the morality of Sodom and Gomorra. A parody of sanity and justice.
I am sick of reading about helpless Jews being assaulted by Arab lynch mobs. Or Arabs dropping tractor loads of debris upon Jewish heads, burying them under thousands of pounds of rubble. I am sick of Arabs murdering our people.
Solutions: The ultimate answer is obviously to throw the hostile Arabs out of the country. Tragically, at this moment in history, we lack the leadership to deal with the fifth column within. In the meantime:
• Step # 1: Jews need to stop employing Arabs. Don’t give them a living. Arabs don’t employ Jews; don’t employ Arabs. Incidentally, hiring them is also a violation of the biblical prohibition of lo techaneim, not to give them favor in the land. By not employing them, that also means that there will
be fewer arabs driving bulldozers, tractors, and cranes into crowds of Jews. Fewer Arabs will be scoping out Jewish neighborhoods (from within the neighborhood) and handing the blueprints over to Fatah and Hamas. An Arab working in the kitchen is an Arab who may one day decide to lace the coffee with something other than expired creamer. It has happened many times before. There are prominent cafes that remain open today, that have such incidents on record. And tragically it will happen again.
• Step #2: Jewish self-defense. If Jews are not being protected, then we must protect ourselves. Trained Jews need to patrol sensitive regions in order to protect people. I know there are alleged reports of civilian patrols in sensitive regions. Kol Hakavod to them. But until we hear of such a group actually responding and deterring Arab violence, we have learned nothing. The Arabs need to go. In the absence of that, they need to have the fear of G-d upon them, lest they molest a Jew in any manner. I am advocating the morality of Jewish survival, and the Divine right of self-defense. If one comes to slay you, slay him first. There is nothing more moral than the right to protect our lives.
During such moments when an Arab mob descends upon a Jew, one blow to the skull by a stone can end everything in an instant. Critical seconds cannot be wasted on paralysis and inaction, and mental exercises to consider the following very real possibilities:
• Will I sit in jail or endure an actual prison sentence for defending myself? (Quite possibly.) • Will the police harass me for using lethal force? (same as above.) • Will my gun license be revoked? (Without a doubt.)
The old cliche rings true, since it professes a universal truth that cannot be disputed. Better to be judged by 12 than buried by six. Even in the absence of a moral legal system, our current dilemma in Israel, it is always preferable to be alive. The right to protect our lives is guaranteed by the Torah. Neither Bibi, nor Peres, nor the late Rabin have the right to seize this from us, which is an act of grotesque violence by itself. In the meanwhile, Israel continues to provide electricity and supplies to Gaza, while Hamas rearms and rebuilds their terror tunnels. Fatah remains in our heartland, and Bibi and friends label them moderates and continue to arm them with weapons. True to form, Fatah is celebrating this Arab monster as a hero.
The government calls for restraint, nay, demands it. They will not tolerate self-defense. They prefer to turn an eye and encourage Jews to avoid “troubled” regions since they are unwilling to face hundred and thousands of rioting Arabs in Jerusalem. And then we have more of these notorious bolshevik “gag orders,” so that the masses are denied the evidence which destroys the myth of the “Israeli-Arab who loves Israel and is a silent majority.” Our eyes, ears, and Jewish seichal tell us otherwise.
“The most splendid thing the prophet Mohammed did was drive them out of the whole Arabian peninsula….They are a nation of liars and traitors, contrivers of plots, a people born for the deeds of treachery…. -Anwar Sadat, (Egypt) 1970
Be aware of your surroundings in Israel. Don’t trust Arabs, even those who smile at you on the street. Remember the lesson of the bloody pogroms of the 20′s and 30′s. The Jews of Chevron in 1929 would have sworn to you that their Arab neighbors were their friends, and they had empirical data to back up their claims.They frequently chatted with their Arab neighbors and shared Turkish coffee. One prominent Jew even helped local Arabs with real estate issues. He was butchered along with the rest of the Jewish community. Hyenas at the kill are more merciful than Arabs who descend upon Jews.
Never question your right to defend yourself. And never underestimate the pure hatred that Arabs have for us.
One final point: one who throws a stone at a Jew deserves a bullet through his brain. Protect your life. Protect Am Yisroel. Deal with the consequences.

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